Trip Activities



Since the early days we have maintained that trekking is ideally suited to exploring villages and monasteries in remote regions and getting close up to inspiring mountain scenery. We design trekking holidays to perfection as so many of our past trekkers will testify.

Our treks help you discover the remote trails of the Himalaya in Nepal, Tibet, India, Sikkim and Bhutan; the dramatic Karakoram in Pakistan; the Andes from Patagonia to Peru; the Table Mountains of Venezuela; the Rockies and National Parks of North America; the High Atlas of Morocco; the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia; Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and Mount Meru in East Africa; along the Great Wall of China and ancient pilgrim trails in Japan; hill tribe country in Vietnam and Thailand; Turgen Mountain in Mongolia; the; the European Alps and Dolomites; Iceland’s rugged wilderness; the Southern Alps of New Zealand, Australia’s remote outback and Tasmanian trails.

Trekking generally requires that you carry a daypack to hold your requirements for the day.  Some challenging treks require you to carry a full pack. Trekking days can range from 4-10 hours a day depending on the grading. Please refer to the explanation of the gradings and the specific trip notes for more information.

We offered our first trekking holiday (to Everest Base Camp in Nepal) way back in 1975. Since then we have carefully designed numerous treks to cater for nearly every age and fitness level. We invite you to book your next trek with World Expeditions, the trekking holiday specialists.