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Everest High Passes

...we shouldn't finish without mentioning admiration for the endlessly busy Mr Lama. He like all World Expeditions staff we met, was very charming and knowledgable, this characteristic seems to be a requirement for employment with the company

anon. | Kentucky, USA

Charity Challenges - Adventure Travel with a difference


World Expeditions is a pioneer of the charity challenge concept. Drawing on our 3 decades of experience of offering high quality trekking & adventure travel holidays we began operating charity challenges since the development of the charity fundraising concept back in 1997.

Since then we have successfully organised over 400 adventures for charities ranging from International Agencies to National Charities and many smaller local charitable causes.

Schools from across the globe have also drawn on our expertise in operating safe adventure travel itineraries and community projects to assist them with their annual overseas events or fundraising efforts.

Our experience and expertise in arranging tailor-made challenge itineraries and operating challenging yet safe and enjoyable events, has enabled numerous charities to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds and ensured that participants have the experience of a lifetime!

We are proud to have worked with Save the Children New Zealand and Australia, Variety the Children's Charity, Limbs4All, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Free the Bears, The Australian Red Cross and Australia for UNHCR  to name a few.

If you are a single traveller, group of friends or a charity organiser who does not want the commitment of an exclusive event you may find that an Open Challenge is the right charity challenge model for you.


"I found it a fantastic experience, living in tents only added to the experience. All the people that go on the trek seem to be like minded and enjoyed sharing a great experience. I would do it again." J. Noble - Challenge to Everest Base Camp in 2005.

"It has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. An adventure of some magnitude, or should I say altitude! I'm hoping to do another one." J. Hutchinson - Inca Trail trek 2005



'I found World Expeditions to be a highly professional, thorough and flexible organisation to work with. They managed all of our priorities and created a bespoke challenge event which aligned perfectly to our corporate partnership with UNICEF. I would not hesitate to recommend them to both charities and corporates'. Claire Price, BT Global Community Investment Programme Manager.

If you are in charge of selecting a charity challenge partner to work with you'll have noted that charity event management is now a large industry and trying to find a reliable, cost effective option is not an easy task.

Ultimately, apart from helping your organisation raise funds you are also in charge of ensuring your participants safety be selecting the right charity challenge provider. It's a big decision. So why choose us?

Very few operators can match our experience - Since 1975 we have massed a wealth of logistical experience in taking people safely to the world's wildest places. We have assisted people of all ages and fitness levels to every continent on earth. We have a solid network and team of adventure consultants, many who have been with us since the 70's, whose combined experience ensures our itineraries are carefully designed to maximise safety and enjoyment. Charity Challenge to Machu Picchu

We own many of our operational bases -  We have direct quality control over many of our operational bases. Sub-contracting is common for many adventure operators however what has seperated us from the rest since we began is the fact that we can control our trip quality because we are continually improving our own operations based on feedback and experience. All our operations are staffed with locally employed people. When working with 3rd parties we do not shop for partners on price, we choose them carefully based on proven safety record, that they share our philosophies for operating sustainable and responsible trips as well as passion for the experiencing the world in an active manner. Many of our 3rd party partners have worked with us for over 20 years.

Experienced pre-departure advice - Our field staff help create the experience of a lifetime for your participants however our dedicated and passionate office staff ensure the charity challenge organisers experience is maximised from concept to creation. All our staff are committed adventure travellers with extensive adventure travel experience, have worked with us for many years and have a genuine concern for your clients reaching their goals. We go the extra mile to assist with extra arrangements before or after the tour for your client (many companies won't do this), assist you with participant briefings and provide fundraising ideas learned from other clients we have worked with across the globe.

Unique itinerary design - We've been at the cutting edge of designing new itineraries since 1975. Our experienced network has allowed us to open new trails, access permits to restricted areas and come up with active options in every destination on earth. While this all sounds well and good experience has proven that the classic itineraries are the easiest to market in the charity challenge market place, ensuring you reach fundraising targets, so we have new slants on the classics to ensure your event stands out from the rest. Contact us to ask about them, order a brochure or browse for ideas online.

Unbeatable Value - We know you have tough fundraising targets and budgets to meet. Our trips are based on an all-inclusive model so that your participants have little need to spend on tour outside of tipping and the occasional western refreshment. Many operators market their trips on price however we seperate ourselves by offering oustanding quality and great value. Consider the quality of the accommodations used, are the guides medically trained, private or public transport (we only use private transport for safety reasons), are there any local payments, how many meals are included, does the company invest in their local staff or give back to the community? When comparing quotes quality must be considered to ensure your participants come back to you time and again for other challenges and help generate positive word of mouth referrals.

Our commitment to responsible travel - World Expeditions is committed to responsible travel and true sustainability. It was a commitment formed when the company was established in 1975, and today, in the face of a multitude of threats to the environment, our commitment is stronger than ever. Learn more about our pioneering porter policies and responsible travel philosophies here.




"Trekking through the rainforest to the sound of the panpipes been played by our trek leader and breakfast alfresco style on top of the mountain in the clouds and also the first viewpoint of Machu Picchu from the "Gateway to the Sun"." C. Cusack shares her best memory of trekking the Inca Trail in 2003

"I would certainly recommend it to anyone…..A bonus was how much fun it was and all the friends that I have made." R. Sailsbury, Inca Trail Trek Peru 2003.





Contact us for a detailed and free consultation. World Expeditions will help guide you though all aspects of the trip organisation, itinerary design and pre-trip document preparation. Below are the basic steps to get started. Click the links for more information to assist your planning.

1. Develop of a suitable itinerary (right length, right price) for your supporters.
2. Market the challenge to your support base, through local media and relevant online avenues. We can help with ideas and supporting literature. We'll help you prepare the trip notes, sign-up forms, a press release, training suggestions, risk assessments and information evenings.
3. Prepare registered participants for the challenge. Make sure that everyone has all the information they need to prepare both mentally and physically for the challenge ahead.
4. Post trip evaluations always assist with future challenges.


UCARE's participant on KilimanjaroOUR TOP 5 CHARITY CHALLENGES:

Based on overall passenger numbers -

  1. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  2. Everest Base Camp, Nepal
  3. Inca Trail, Peru
  4. Great Wall Trek, China
  5. Mt Toubkal, Morocco

For further information on how you can run a challenge event for your charity call us on freephone 0800 350 354 or email for all involved.  

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