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Mera Peak, Nepal

Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for all that you both did to get us up Mera Peak!

It made for the BEST (and most challenging) holiday, and we are singing the praises of World Expeditions to all we know.

Look forward to travelling with you again

B Scooby |

Fundraising Tips


Raising funds for your charity is easier than you may think. By understanding and explaining clearly why you are doing the challenge, and the cause, it is assisting you will find that most people will be happy to assist your participants with their fundraising goals.

Below are some simple but effective fundraising ideas and a list of useful websites that you can share with your challenge participants to help get them started with their fundraising for your next charity challenge.

A = Auction
Get friends, co-workers or family to donate items. You can sell these items on E-bay, set up a silent auction. Why not auction an extra day off to your co-workers? Don’t forget to ask your boss for permission!

B = Book & Bake Sale  
Ask a local bakery to donate goods or ask friends to each cook their favourite dish for sale.

C = Car Wash 
Many businesses with car parks would be open to the idea of you washing their customers cars for a day in return for a minimum donation.

D = Dinner party
Invite friends over and host a 4 course meal with wines – why not charge high-end restaurant prices?

E = Events    
Set up charity events like a charity run, walks, bike or climbs and collect pledges or entry fee from participants.

F = Fashion show  
Ask local shops to donate clothes and ask school children, co-workers, friends to model. Charge an admission fee and/or sell the items at the end of the show.

G = Grocery bagging   
Organise with your local supermarket if you can help bag a customers groceries for a donation.

H = Head shave  
Go bald for your cause!

I = Internet 
Use social networking sites or dedicated fundraising websites to promote your participation in the charity challenge, or set up your own website.

J = Jellybean
Set up a jelly bean jar at work and ask colleagues to guess how many are inside.

K = Karaoke 
Organize a Karaoke sing-off.

L = Local businesses
Get your local corner store, restaurants, supermarkets involved by donations or advertising your fundraising flyers for other events.

M = Murder mystery 
Play dress up and hold bets to guess the murderer.

N = New Year’s Eve  
This can be organized any day of the year! Why not choose to re-create New Years Eve 1950 along with music and costume of that period?

0 = Old barn party 
Hold a country style party along with music, line dancing, rodeo bull riding and limbo contests! 

P = Press release 
We can help you write a press release for you to send to your local newspaper to promote your fundraising events.

Q = Quiz nights

Hold a trivia pub challenge: charge an entry fee and ask local businesses to donate prizes. A great way to test your general and pop-culture knowledge. Check out for sample questions.

R = Raffles
An oldie but a goodie. Ask a local business to donate an attractive prize and sell, sell, sell those tickets! Always thank the donating business when selling tickets to assist them with their marketing within the community.

S = Sponsorship
Learn how to use your sponsorship form wisely, you will probably fundraise most of your donation portion with this tool.

T = Travel night
Plan for food, pictures, and music from the country you are about to visit and charge admission to attendees. You can even turn this into a trivia night.

U = Utilize modern technologies
In this day and age, we advise you to utilize all forms of communications; phone, internet, e-mails, leaflets, media, networking and an old-fashion hand-shake to promote your challenge. Modern technologies are a cheap and easy way to get the word out.

V = Variety show  
Get the best talents you know on the block to hold a children’s variety show.

W = Walk-athon
Combine your training and fundraising all in one! Set a challenging walk and raise sponsorship to complete this walk. Make sure it includes hills if your charity challenge is a trek.

Y = Y ban   
Challenge colleagues to avoid using words with this letter during conversations in a shift. Each time someone does collect a donation. It’s possible, this letter does not appear in these sentences!

Z = Zzz…   
Organize a sleepover in an unusual place; in a cave, camping, tee-pee or winter igloo!


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