Great Wall Trek

I so appreciated to spend those days close to the Wall and not just to “fly in” for one day. This enables me to get a bit of a “feel” for the country. To be with the Chinese crew also was a privilege I won’t forget. Our tour guide gave us valuable insights. I am thankful that I could be part of this challenge, it was worth it.

C. Strohmeier | United Kingdom



Take an adventure holiday in CHINA with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

China Adventures And The Great Wall Of China

China never fails to conjure up a myriad of feelings, images and a sense of mystery. Its history cannot be summed up here in a few paragraphs and to fully appreciate the currents that have shaped the country and its people, you must take the time to read at least one of the many excellent books available.

Adventure Travel In China

World Expeditions operates twenty adventures through China. Our Highlights of China tour will take you on an epic traverse to discover China’s cultural diversity and natural wonders. While an eight day tour will allow you to experience the Lusheng Festival in South West China. Or, take a trek along the Great Wall, camp in nearby villages and explore Beijing’s cultural sites.

The Great Wall Of China

This innovative itinerary takes in a classic section of the Great Wall outside Beijing in Hebei Province. Hosted by local Chinese families, we camp in comfort in exclusive locations and explore the Great Wall over 7 days, trekking between villages. The host families provide us with true rural hospitality in the “real China” and allow us rare interaction with the locals. More On The Great Wall Of China Explorer Tour.

Great Wall trek 
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About China

Within the almost four million square miles of China's vast territory live more than 1.3 billion people, which makes it the most populated nation on earth. For centuries, outsiders have yearned to visit China and it's only since 1976 that tourism really started. Initially, foreign visitors were only allowed to see a fraction of what the country had to offer, however, today it is possible to visit as many as 60 different areas. An increasing number of historical sites are also being restored and opened up to viewing for foreign tourists.

As much as China is keen to display its stunning scenery, historical sites and impressive cities, it is also dedicated to conveying something about how its society works. Although its political system has set it apart from the west, China is now moving forward in leaps and bounds, especially in the areas of trade and commerce. The major cities are indicative of the burgeoning economy of modern China.

As in the days of Marco Polo, travellers are still regarded as honoured guests and the locals delight in watching you watching them. Within the relatively short time that China's doors have been open to the West, few tourists have visited the rural parts of the country, including the remote region of Yunnan.

Featured Adventures

Backroads to Yangshuo

The first section of our China Bike trip follows rural backroads through picturesque southern China to Yangshou
11 days |
Reviews 1

Beijing and Great Wall Extension

Explore Beijing and walk the Great Wall
4 days |

Beijing to Hong Kong

A classic journey that takes in the highlights of awe-inspiring China from the grandeur and bustle of Beijing to the idyllic rural beauty of Yangshou
12 days |
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Beijing to Kathmandu

A unique journey through China and Tibet exploring stark contrasts from mega metropolis' to the vast landscapes of the Himalaya and the Tibetan Plateau
19 days |

Beijing to Lhasa Journey

A fascinating journey for those looking for a cultural taste of China and Tibet with stunning scenic views.
11 days |
Reviews 1

China by Bike

Cycle from Guangzhou through stunning rural countryside and the limestone pinnacles of Yangshuo, visit the Terracotta Warriors and historical sights of Beijing
16 days |
Reviews 2

China Encompassed

A comprehensive journey exploring the diversity of China from the Great Wall to the Three Gorges and Tiger Leaping Gorge in this staggeringly vast and diverse country
27 days |
Reviews 1

China Silk Road

Follow the ancient trading route of the Silk Road through China. See the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, the Labrang monastery in Xiahe and the Buddhist grottoes in Dunhuang. Passing the Gobi Desert and Urumqi the journey ends in the market town of Kashgar.
17 days |
Reviews 3

China Silk Road with Nuran Zorlu

A spectacular journey along the enchanting China Silk Road with award winning photographer Nuran Zorlu.
15 days |

Everest Kangshung Face

An adventure tour combining our ‘High Road to Lhasa' with an exhilarating trek to the Kangshung Face of Everest
23 days |
Reviews 1
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The Weather in China

China experiences a rather broad temperature range throughout the year. In late summer, early autumn trips (August to September) expect warm to hot days with temperatures up to 25-30˚C (78-87F) and a slight chance of rain.During October the days are mild and dry, from 15-20˚C (60-69F), and nights are cooler. In late October there is increasingly a cooler (but not cold) westerly wind, which lowers temperatures, particularly at night. The days, however, remain mild.

Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces, where we cycle, is China's most southerly province and experiences a rather broad temperature range throughout the year. On summer trips (Jun to Sep) expect hot, humid days with temperatures up to 33˚C (91F) and a small chance of some rain - although daytime temperatures in the hills further north in Guangdong Province should be milder. During October, the days are mild, from 15-26˚C (60-79F) and nights are cooler. Some rain is also possible at this time.On winter trips (Nov-Feb) there will be quite cool days of 12-15˚C (54-60F) and cold nights - upon occasion night temperatures can fall to below freezing in the north of Guangdong. In Beijing the winter (Nov-Feb) temperatures can drop below -10˚C (2-3 F) and you will need thermal underwear, a heavy coat, hat, gloves, etc. There may be snow in the capital during December and January - don't be put off as it can be a plus, there are many less tourists and the city looks spectacular clothed in white! In summer the days may be hot, up to 30˚C (86 F) but it is more likely to be quite pleasant. Rain can occur at any time but is more likely in spring, March-May.We suggest you pack a waterproof jacket with hood for all departures.

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