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Thanks for a marvelously organised trip. We're sure we can speak for all our group about the fantastic time we had in South America. We were most impressed with your people on the ground who did everything they could to make our stay a wonderful experience. We are now looking forward to our next andventure with World Expeditions.

Chris and Tim Rounds | Victoria, Australia



Take an adventure holiday in VENEZUELA with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

Venezuela is a land of contrasts. Whilst it is one of the wealthiest countries in South America, with good roads and tourism infrastructure, it is also home to Indian groups which continue to live their traditional lifestyle. The northern Caribbean coastline runs for 2800 kilometres, whilst to the south, bordering Brazil, is Amazon rainforest. The south is also characterised by the swampy lands of the Orinoco delta and the Guiana Highlands where the tepuis, or table mountains, are located. To the northwest, bordering on Colombia, is the northern end of the Andes, known as the Sierra Nevada de Merida, where the highest peak is Pico Bolivar (5007m). To the north of the Andes is the largest lake in South America, Lago Maracaibo.


Before the Spanish Conquest in the Fifteenth century, the country was settled by three main Indian tribes. Christopher Columbus set foot on Venezuelan soil in 1498, and the Spanish settlement began around 1500. The father of Venezuela, Simon Bolivar or El Liberatador, paved the way for independence from the Spanish as far south as Argentina. Independence was achieved in 1821 when Bolivar defeated Spanish forces in Carabobo, and he went on to liberate Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador by 1824. This fighting was done at great expense to the Venezuela which is estimated to have lost 25% of its population during the liberation period.


Venezuela is made up of more than 20 Indian groups, representing around 1% of the population. Within these Indian communities, more than 40 different languages are used. The majority of the population (around 70%) are a mixture of European, Indian and African races. The remainder is represented by whites (21%) and blacks (8%). Spanish is the official language. The population is 23.5 million, of which around 20% reside in Caracas.

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Venezuela - The Lost World and Angel Falls

Join this exceptional remote trek to the mysterious Tepui Mountains of Venezuela and take a river journey to the base of Angel Falls the highest waterfall in the world.
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The Weather in Venezuela

Being close to the equator, temperatures do not vary much through the year, and are on average between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius. When trekking in the Auyantepui region, temperatures will fall as we gain altitude. Our trips coincide with the rainy season, which allows us to canoe the river leading to Angel Falls. Rain patterns tend to be characterised by short heavy rainfall in the afternoon.

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